If I have been quiet, its because I have been working on ideas for several new games for which I have now created detailed specs and am discussing with my programmer for developing for your appreciation and feedback in the near future!

In the meantime too, I have entered SumW0rdZ in various Digital competitions as follows:

  1.  TIGA Awards in November 2020
  2.  BETT Fair in January 2021

Furthermore, I have entered my board game Driller Thriller in the following Digital competitions:

  1. ECGBL 2020 on September 23rd 2020
  2. Spiel-Digital Essen in Germany in late October 2020


As ever watch this space and I will give you feedback on my progress to get my inventions recognised and to find a publisher/distributor with which to do a deal and bring them to the marketplace as a whole.