Yes its true, I attended the 7th International Educational Game Competition (IEGC) at the 13th European Conference on Games Based Learning (ECGBL 2019) in the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and won a Certificate of Merit for my mobile game app SumW0rdZ. See the link attached to view my picture receiving the Award of which I am very proud.

The judges thought “it was clear, smart with fun mechanics combining words with maths.  Also whilst doing the sums the players get information about the meaning of the words which crosses many topics/subjects and is naturally interdisciplinary.  The rewards system is terrific and very complete with Stats and Analytics which is well designed for self evaluation as well as competing against others. It has great potential, very professional with deep and meaningful results!”

They thought too that adding a multi-player facility in SumW0rdZ will make it appealing to Schools to supplement its potential to be used by teachers – which incidentally is what is planned for SumW0rdZ in the next release in the next month or so!!!!!!!!