Hi Everyone – SumW0rdZ Launch Day was great fun and I would like to thank all the participants – I really enjoyed the experience and getting the positive feedback you gave me – fun and games was had by all – me included. We must do it again!!!!

I was particularly pleased when one of the players said that maths wasn’t her best subject but that she enjoyed playing SumW0rdZ.  I could see her confidence growing with each game she played as she manipulated the dice numbers to get the sums she required for each letter of the Theme word. Her ability with arithmetic was definitely  getting better with each successful calculation and sense of achievement.  That’s what I call positive feedback!!!!!

An informal competition was also run and the Winners have been sent  a signed certificate ( SumW0rdZ Zertificate ) and a Promo Code allowing them to download all the Themes and Dice Combos in SumW0rdZ. Have fun!